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BEK artist talk - 21/10 and BEK residency - 13/10 to 24/10

Exploring „Voiceland“ - residency and artist talk

Mareike Dobewall and Gisli Gretarsson will do a residency at BEK in mid Octobre. Friday 21st they will share their findings in an artist talk and discuss the future of their project „Voiceland“.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 - 25/05 to 27/11

Albanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

I have left you the mountain presents ten new texts written by contemporary writers and thinkers on the architecture of displacement. These texts have been set to music and sung by some of the last remaining groups of Albanian iso-polyphonic singers, an art form now protected as “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO.

Pavilion sound design and programming by Peter Meanwell and Trond Lossius.

BEK - 12/11 to 13/11

Workshop - build your own digital processing box

In this workshop you will build your own unique DIY digital effect pedal based on the Raspberry PI computer and Csound. Particpants are guided in mechanical fitting, soldering of connections, and are given a basic software introduction.

Bergen Assembly - 01/09 to 02/10

BEK collaborate with Bergen Assembly

BEK is co-producing several projects for this years Bergen Assembly. Since 2014 we have developed content together with Bergen Assembly-curators, artists and administration. It has been a deep digging experience, and we are looking forward to see, hear and feel the results.

BEK - 01/11

Leandro Pisano - The Third Soundscape

The Italian writer and curator Leandro Pisano visits BEK, and will give a presentation on “The Third Soundscape”.

Leandro Pisano is the director of Interferenze New Arts Festival, and his projects and writings focus on new media, sound and technological arts. During the stay in Bergen he will also meet with a number of local sound artists.

BEK - 30/09 to 20/10

BEK søker informasjonsmedarbeider

Ved BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst er det ledig ett korttidsengasjement i en 20% stilling (en dag i uken) som informasjonsmedarbeider. Engasjementet varer ut juni 2017. Søknad sendes elektronisk til
Søknadsfrist 17. oktober NY FRIST 20.oktober

Ideas Sónicas / Sonic Ideas - 30/08 to 30/09

Spanish paper on Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper

The latest edition of Ideas Sónicas / Sonic Ideas (Vol. 8 No. 16) offers a Spanish translation of a paper by Trond Lossius and Joseph Anderson on the Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper plugins.

Ideas Sónicas is published by CMMAS – Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras.



New ATK for Reaper installer - and video tutorial

ATK for Reaper version 1.0.0 beta 10 is now out, and a new screencast has been made on how to…



Utlysning Morten Eide Pedersens Minnefond

Avgarde har lyst ut at det nå kan søkes om tilskudd fra Morten Eide Pedersens Minnefond.



Bergen Assembly 2016: September programme launch

Bergen Assembly 2016 September 1–October 1, 2016 Opening weekend: September 1–4 Venues: Bergen City Hall, Bergen Kino, Konsertpaleet,…



Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper 1.0.0.b9

ATK for Reaper v.1.0.0.b9 is now available. Some key changes: – Binaural decoders at all sample rates – New encoders…