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3,14 - 19/08 to 16/10

Gitte Sætre - Magic of Seven at 3,14

The multi channel video installation Magic of Seven depicts collective exercises involving seven women, juxtaposed with archival material from various wars that unfold. The exhibition opens at Gallery 3,14 on Friday 19th August. The video work is edited at BEK, and Stian Remvik has contributed with screen syncronization and sound-to-light programming.

Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum - 18/06 to 18/09

The Atmospherics 5: Stop, Hey, Watch That Sound

The audio-visual installation “The Atmospherics 5: Stop, Hey, Watch That Sound” by Trond Lossius and Jeremy Welsh is exhibited in the “Høgsalen” project space at Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum in Førde.

During the opening of the exhibition Bergen Barokk enters into an improvisational dialogue with the installation.

Kode 2 - 13/05 to 28/08

Maximum information per unit of time

Anne Marthe Dyvi and Gisle Frøysland have created new works for the exhibition «Maksimal informasjon per tidsenhet!» at Bergen Art Museum, KODE. A grand presentation of the artist Rolf Aamot. Dyvis Perseptuell cycle, video, have been created at BEK. BEK have also been engaged in conversations about the Rolf Aamot exhibition in general.

Øyafestivalen, Oslo - 09/08 to 14/08

Art at Øyafestivalen in Oslo

Espen Sommer Eide is exhibiting his sound work "The Distribution Of The Audible” at Øyafestivalen from the 9th-13th of August. The work consist of approximately 30 sound clips recorded all over the world and played through old horn speakers at the festival.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 - 25/05 to 27/11

Albanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

I have left you the mountain presents ten new texts written by contemporary writers and thinkers on the architecture of displacement. These texts have been set to music and sung by some of the last remaining groups of Albanian iso-polyphonic singers, an art form now protected as “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO.

Pavilion sound design and programming by Peter Meanwell and Trond Lossius.

hiroshima international animation festival - 18/08 to 22/08

Interactive Installation M-Machine at Hiroshima International Animation Festival Japan

Marieke Verbiesen will travel to the Hiroshima International Film Festival between 18th and 22nd of August to present her interactive installation M-Machine to the Japanese audience.

Stiftelsen 3,14 - 29/07 to 07/08

Shades of Change

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl – Trond Lossius

The exhibition at Stiftelsen 3,14 combines a 32 meter mural chalk drawing and 12 channel surround sound into an immersive installation. Drawings and sound are developed on site over five hectic days in front of the opening. Lindahls chalk-drawing continues to evolve throughout the exhibition period, and as the exhibition period comes to an end, the drawing end in destruction.



Bergen Assembly 2016: September programme launch

Bergen Assembly 2016 September 1–October 1, 2016 Opening weekend: September 1–4 Venues: Bergen City Hall, Bergen Kino, Konsertpaleet,…



Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper 1.0.0.b9

ATK for Reaper v.1.0.0.b9 is now available. Some key changes: – Binaural decoders at all sample rates – New encoders…



Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper 1.0.0.b7

ATK for Reaper v.1.0.0 beta 7 is now available for download. This version improves the graphical user interfaces for a…



Guttorm Glømså

BEK hjalp Guttorm Glomså med projeksjonsutstyr til sist helgs utstilling på Galleri Fisk. Mer om arbeidet her