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Who we are

BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, is a non-profit organization situated in Bergen, Norway, functioning as a national resource centre for work within the field of arts and new technology. BEK works with both artistic and scientific research and development and puts into practice an amount of mixed artistic projects. It also practices an educational program that includes courses, workshops, talks and presentations.


Our most important task is to establish and maintain contact with and between individual artists, artist groups, institutions and other relevant participants, for project development, knowledge generation and information exchange. Through an understanding for and striving towards conversation and knowledge exchange, we seek to establish meeting places for professional development.

Research and development

We help to develop artistic practice that involves the use of technology based solutions, in collaboration with research communities and art based organizations. We encourage text production related to art projects and technological achivements in art.

Exhibitions and events

We continuously initialize and develop art projects on our own or in collaboration with others, which in one way or another ends up shared with the public. An interdisciplinary way of thinking is the basis for most of what we do. This foundation allows us to involve ourself in both fine art, sound art, music, new media art, performance and stage art.


We advise independent artists, art groups, exhibition spaces and cultural organisations in the various stages of an artistic process, all the way from initial idea to completion.

Project room and studio booking

At BEK, there are two project rooms, one video- and one soundstudio, and an electronics corner. Artists have the possibilty to book these premises for free, recording to their needs. What we ask in return, is a project description and photo(s) for publicing and reporting. More details about hard- and software available, you’ll find here
For booking, send a mail to booking.

Equipment loan or rental

A small, relevant inventory of equipment can be eighter loaned, where BEK comes in as a coproducer or partner in the project, or rented very cheap for artistic purposes.

Internet services

We run our own server and hosts several mailing lists and web pages for cultural organizations, artists and artistic projects. You can contact tech[at] and we’ll guide you.

What we ask from you

If you have a project or an idea that you think will correlate with what we do, please send a short project description of what you want or what you think you need to bek[at], and we’ll get back to you. Please note that a cooperation between you and BEK is dependent on your own enthusiasm and ability to put as much effort as needed into your work.

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