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A server for the art community

BEK is the only media lab in Norway running a server, offering a wide range of services to the art community in Norway and abroad.


  • Here you find documentation and howtos for registered users.
  • Problems and changes are announced here.

You can subscribe to the above resources as RSS feeds.

Support requests should be addressed to tech[AT]bek[DOT]no


Below is a brief overview of the services BEK can provide:

File sharing

File sharing requires VPN. Further instructions on how to set up VPN is provided below. File sharing can be done using AFP (Mac only)) and SFTP.

Mailing lists

BEK hosts a number of mailing lists. More than 1000 users are estimated to be subscribing to one or more of our lists. You can find an overview of publicly announced lists here.


BEK hosts web sites for artists, projects and organizations. Currently we host approx. 100 web sites. Further details can be found here


The BEK server have support for Subversion using svn+ssh, a revision control system useful for development of software, web sites, etc.

We also support RedMine, a flexible project management web application which includes a gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification.

VPN access

In order to access most services on the server it is necessary to connect to VPN.

The following instructions are valid for most operating systems, although screenshots may only match Mac OSX 10.5 – El Capitan.

  • Go to Apple Menu → System

  • Click Network
  • Click +

  • Select Interface: VPN,
  • Select type: PPTP
  • Service name can be anything, for example BEKVPN
  • Server address
  • Account name: vpn
  • Encryption: Maximum
  • Click Authentication settings
  • Type in the VPN password (contact to receive a password)
  • Click OK, and then Apply

There might be a safety warning

By clicking connect (or connecting from the VPN icon in the menu bar, you should now be able to reach services such as ssh on Odin.

In some cases your computer may be using an external DNS server. In these cases please use the IP adress to access Odin.

Last updated 2017-01-16.