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Master i estetiske fag: KUNST i SAMFUNNET


Ved Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus er det fremdeles noen ledige studieplasser på Masterstudiet i estetiske fag ved den nye studieretningen Kunst i samfunnet. Studieretningen er sentrert rundt formidling, prosjektutvikling, organisering, kuratering, kulturelt entreprenørskap og kunstkritikk.



New prize for internet art: Prix Net Art


Beginning this autumn, Rhizome and Beijing-based TASML and CAT/CCIA will award a substantial new prize for internet art.

The “no strings attached” prize, which will be awarded three times in total in 2014, 2015, and 2016, will recognize the past work and future promise of one artist making outstanding work on the internet. The awardee will receive $10,000; a second distinction award of $5,000 will also be made each year.

To us, the prize feels timely. It celebrates the current moment of internet art and looks ahead to its future. As many artists have won international acclaim for work that tackles technology as subject matter through media forms of long standing—sculpture, installation, and painting—internet art remains less recognized, less supported. This prize gives a boost to those who continue to make art on the internet, and emphasizes the unique cultural importance of such work.

We’re thrilled to work with our partners to acknowledge significant internet artists who continue to be committed to working online, who have inspired us in the past, and whose best work still lies ahead.

Deadline for nominations: August 31, 2014. Please see full information about the prize on



Call for participation


Festival Radical dB, based in Zaragoza, Spain, is seaking for artists working in the field of Live Coding for the first edition of the festival on 13th-16th of november 2014.

Selected artists will present a performance of 30 minutes plus a presentation of their work.

Artists must send a link with video of a live performance, a bio with residence address.

Concerts will take place at brand new Centro de Arte y Tecnologia Etopia

Radical dB will provide accommodation for 1 to 3 nights on the festival, and in some extent travel and artist fees.
Artists will be proposed to be interviewed by local radio.

Send the material at :



CfP: 1st Web Audio Conference (WAC) — Ircam and Mozilla Paris, France, 26–28 January 2015


WAC is the first international conference on web audio technologies and applications.

The conference welcomes web R&D developers, audio processing scientists, application designers and people involved in web standards.

The conference addresses research, development, design, and standards concerned with emerging audio-related web technologies such as Web Audio API, Web RTC, Web Sockets, and Javascript.

Contributions to the first edition of WAC are encouraged in, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Innovative audio and music based web applications (with social and user experience aspects)
  • Client-side audio processing (real-time or non real-time)
  • Audio data and metadata formats and network delivery
  • Server-side audio processing and client access
  • Client-side audio engine and rendering
  • Frameworks for audio manipulation
  • Web Audio API design and implementation
  • Client-side audio visualization
  • Multimedia integration
  • Web standards and use of standards within audio based web projects
  • Hardware, tangible interface and use of Web Audio API

Call for submissions

  • Technical papers – 2 to 8 pages
  • Demo / Poster
  • Web Audio Gig – involving usage of the Web Audio API and “audience devices participation”

October 10, 2014: Deadline for submission -

Please refer to the WAC website for additional information:



KHIO - Videreutdanning i entreprenørskap


Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo bekjentgjør nå et nytt kurs til høsten:
Videreutdanning i entreprenørskap: Hvordan å bli rik på din kunst, også økonomisk.

Målgruppen for kurset er designere og hele bredden av kunstnere, som visuell kunst, musikk, dans, opera og teater. Formålet er å hjelpe utdannede kunstnere og designere til å etablere og videreutvikle egen bedrift, og arbeide med den utfordringen det er å skape inntekt på grunnlag av den kompetansen man har.

Søknadsfrist for opptak er torsdag 7. august 2014.

Informasjon om kurset finnes her:

Vennlig hilsen
Etter- og videreutdanningen ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Siren Tjøtta
Seniorrådgiver, kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid og arbeidsliv
Prosjektleder, entreprenørskap i kunst og design,
Etter- og videreutdanningsprogrammet v/KHiO
tel 00 47 93 20 82 10

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Fossvn 24
6853 St Olavs plass
NO-0130 OSLO
Orgnr: 977 027 233
Sentralbord: 22 99 50 00