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Velkommen til ROM 8, og et seminar initiert av BEK og Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen, onsdag 27. januar.

The seminar, led by professor Hilde Hauan at the Department of Fine Art, will question hybrid, intervened and collaborative artworks. How has the artwork been created? Who has the ownership of the artwork? How do ideas and methods from one practice get translated into another? How do we deal with compromise and negotiation in the process of collaborative work?

What about the social, cultural or political position of the artwork? What about the economy, how to share the expenses or the payment?


Wednesday 27 January 2016

11:00AM Welcome by Hilde Hauan

11:10AM Introduction by moderator Øystein Hauge

11:30AM Presentation by Jeremy Welsh / Trond Lossius / Jon Arne Mogstad: film/sound/visual

12:00AM Marit Følstad / Ole Jørgen Ness: Video/Painting

12.30AM Maia Urstad / Hilde Hauan: Fiberoptic/Sound

13:00AM Lunch

14:00AM Frans Jacobi: SYNSMASKIN

14:30AM Eamon O´Kane: Collaborations

15:00AM Kjersti Sundland: Works

15:30AM Hilde Hauan/Jon Arne Mogstad: RE:MAKE / RE:ALISE

16:00AM Coffèe/Questions and Discussions

For more information about the seminar email Hilde.Hauan(at)khib(dot)no

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Arduino workshop på Rom8



Avdeling for kunst ved professor Hilde Hauan inviterer kunstnere og designere til et workshopsamarbeid med Bergen Senter for Elektronisk Kunst (BEK) 19. 20. og 21. januar. Workshopen er ledet av Søren Andreasen som underviser Arduino og Lilypad.

Workshopen er fulltegnet.



Evighetens avkom / The Perpetual Progeny at Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival



Videoen Evighetens avkom av Anders Elsrud Hultgren vises på filmfestival i Miami 16. januar. Evighetens avkom ble i sin tid bestillt av BEK, og har siden blitt vist på ulike steder og festivaler i Europa. I Bergen var den del av KHIBs masterutstilling på Landmark i 2014.

Evighetens Avkom / The Perpetual Progeny, 17 minutes. A description of two parallel landscapes. A being’s journey through a landscape beyond nature; a landscape parallel to the visible world.



Maia Urstad og Camille Norment skriver i n.paradoxa



The January 2016 of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal (Volume 37) the subject of sound in visual artworks by contemporary women artists.
Volume 37 can be purchased here

Maia Urstad discusses her new and permanent sound installation ‘Nullmeridanens Tillbakekomst/Return of the Zero Meridian’, at Kongsvinger Fortress in Oslo. This public commission responds to the history of the place and the marking of the former meridian in Norway.

Camille Norment discusses thoughts on her new work on Lullaby in the lull after her showing ‘Rapture’ at the Nordic Pavillion, Venice Biennale, 2015. The text explores the contrast between the female hysteric performed in Rapture and her new questions about the mother’s voice in the lullaby and her interest in the casting out of Lilith as the origin of the word for the genre.

Artist’s Pages by:
Jill Scott on ‘AURALROOTS’
Annea Lockwood ‘Jitterbug : the score’

Essays include:
Marie Thompson on ‘Creaking, Growling: feminine noisiness and vocal fry in the music of Joan La Barbara and Runhild Gammelsæter’
Sylvia Lacerte on ‘The soundscapes in Vera Frenkel’s itinerary’
Annie Goh on ‘GenDyTrouble: Cyber*Feminist Computer Music’
Suzanne Herrera Li Puma on ‘Not Spelling it Out: Mira Schendel’s Humor’
Vanessa Gravenor on ‘Monika Weiss’ Two Laments‘ Irene Noy on ‘A Sound Walk into Susan Hiller’s Monument (1980-81)’

Interviews by:
Sarah Frost ‘Symphony, Encounter, Memory: An Interview with Gisela Weimann’
Sally Deskins ‘Multimedia collaborations: An interview with Elise Kermani and Evelin Stermitz’

9 women artists were specially invited to discuss a recent work where sound is a strong element of the work:
Maia Urstad on her work: Nullmeridianens tilbakekomst/ Return of the zero meridian
Tansy Spinks on Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
Luz María Sánchez on Vis (un)necessary force.[V. (u)NF_**]‘
Pamela Z on Memory Trace
Ros Bandt on Finding MEDEA
Camille Norment on ‘Lull’
Jodi Rose on her Sound Art and the Devil’s Bridge
Kaffe Matthews on ‘The moving street is an algorithm’
Katrinem on SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness‘



Vector Festival - Call for Submission



Deadline: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 5pm. More info on how to proceed

Vector Festival is a participatory and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing digital games and creative media practices, situated in Toronto, Canada. This year’s festival is from July 14-17.