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Exhibition on Sonic Interaction Design


Boom…stroke…aaaaeeeehhhh…swing…crash…push…beeep! We struggle to put sonic interactions into words – and that is why an exhibition with real examples of sonic interaction design is the best way to experience this new field of research. It allows you to get your hands – and ears – on interactive works that showcase how sound can facilitate interaction in product design, mobile media, communicating scientific data, interactive art, and more.

Sound can be one of the principal channels conveying information, meaning, and aesthetic/emotional qualities in interactive contexts. The 12 works of this exhibition showcase the use of Sonic Interaction Design within arts, music and design, and also provide examples of sonification for research and artistic purposes.

The exhibition features works by: Christian Graupner, Roberto Zappalà, Norbert Schnell & Nils Peters (DE/IT/FR), Espen Sommer Eide (NO), Gerhard Eckel (AT), Jessica Thompson (CA), Joshue Ott & Morgan Packard (US), Michael Markert (DE), Natasha Barrett & Karen Mair (NO), René Tünnermann, Till Bovermann & Thomas Hermann (FI/DE), Satoshi Morita (JP/GE), scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt) (FR), Steve Symons (UK) og Thomas Hermann & Risto Koiva (DE/EE).

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

The opening of the exhibition is part of the program for the conference New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2011), and concludes the four year European research project COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID). The exhibition is curated by Trond Lossius and Frauke Behrendt, and produced by BEK in collaboration with the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine. Supported by The Norwegian Arts Council, COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID) and Lydgalleriet. The exhibition is also part of the European COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) ‘Year of Visibility’ with generous support.

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Time and place

Venue: Norsk Teknisk Museum
From: May 29, 2011 13:00
to: August 21, 2011 18:00

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