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Also: check out Litter Power page and the iCE and Nortron release notes at DSPAudio, Inc.



Let's start off with links to: authored by yours truly.

In the 90's I maintained an ftp site with software for music analysis. After leaving the PRZ maintenance gradually became more difficult, and the site is no longer up-to-date (and is often difficult or even impossible to access).
For some time Stephen Cronin took up the torch with a site maintained in Australia. I am currently not aware if the site is being actively maintained.
If you can access the original site at PRZ, most of the software is for Macintosh, but there are also programs available for Unix, Newton, and MS-DOS/Windows.

Since I am no longer maintaining the site, there is no upload facility.

I keep other musical information here.

Family and Friends

Family stuff has now moved to the Castines in DEutschland web site.


I keep selections of links with varying degrees of usefulness. You can find information on:
St. George's Church, an English-speaking Anglican/Episcopal church in Berlin.
I am pleased to report that St. George's Web site is now hosted on a dedicated domain.
Please use the new site and redirect any links that may have pointed in the past to my pages. Thanks!
I also have a penchant for collecting quotes for a variety of reasons. Some are witty, some whimsical, and some may cause difficulties with the Communictations Decency Police. (The seven American "unprintables" make appearances, albeit briefly. If this bothers you, stay away. Your loss, not mine. Consider yourself warned.
  Some questions are asked over and over again. There's nothing wrong with that, but to save time answers to Frequently Asked Questions are maintained in FAQ lists; you will find the answers to many questions here.

Contact Information

Do you need to contact me? Copy and paste, or point and press...
Dr. Peter Castine
Wildganssteig 28
D-13503 Berlin

Tel: (+49.30) 431-0850
Fax: (+49.30) 4367-1058

N 52° 36' 33.6" E 13° 14' 4.2"

During my residency in Bergen (Feb - May 2001), BEK graciously provided me with a local account (the basis of this WWW offering and the e-mail address at bek.no listed below).

There are a few other e-mail addresses you can try your luck with.
In an attempt to cut back on spam, I am no longer linking the e-mail addresses. You'll have to write these addresses down or Copy-and-Paste (removing spurious blanks). I realize these measures are of only limited efficacy, but with over 100 spam messages per day not even SpamAssassin can catch them all.
Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

p @ castine . de Mail to the Castines-in-DEutschland domain.
This is currently my preferred account.
4-15 @ kagi . com I am a Kagi supplier. Read all about Litter Power to find out more!
pcastine @ bek . no Courtesy of the Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst. Tusen takk!
pcastine @ gmx . net Global Message Exchange is a freebie service I took advantage of the first time I ran into (ahem) anomalies with my old university account. To date they have been reliable and less invasive than the big free services (such as LukeWarmMail).

Which one to use? Any of 'em, of course.
Some people ask "Which one do you check regularly?"
The answer is: all of them. Of course. I provide multiple addresses in case one of them should unexpectedly go down. If you try one and don't have a response in a reasonable amount of time (say, one to two days) or if the address bounces, try another address.

On the other hand, do not use any of the following:

These accounts are dead.
The entire ICMC 2000 Web site is dead (very sad and annoying story).
Equally, my old PRZ address should not be used any more.
Spammers are welcome to waste their bandwidth on these accounts.

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