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Litter Power Is

The Litter Bundle for Jitter Is

Litter Objects Are Available for

  • Mac OS

  • Windows

Mac OS versions of Litter Power Objects come in Universal Binary (Mach-O) format for Max/MSP 4.6 as well as "Carbon" format (technically: PEF/CFM) for Max/MSP 4.2-4.5 and "Boron" format for use with earlier versions of Max/MSP (tested with Max/MSP 4.0-4.1).

Windows versions run with Max/MSP 4.3-4.6, which all require Windows XP, Home or Professional editions.

Litter Power Objects

The new Litter Power Package is the most extensive collection of noise sources and random number generators for Max/MSP.

The generators offer many well-known distributions: binomial, linear, exponential, Poisson, Gauss, to name a few, plus fractal noise generators. The core random number generator in Litter Power produces 32-bit numbers with all bits random (not the case with the classic Linear Congruence algorithm) and cycles of 288 and higher. All random number generators auto-seed themselves, guaranteeing complete non-determinacy.

Random distributions include I Ching, Log-normal, Finite urn model, Dice, Fractal distributions (1/f, 1/f2, 1/f3), Tausworthe 88 and TT800 generators, as well as Parametric linear congruence (emulate older random number generators!).

Litter features MSP objects generating:

  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Brown noise
  • Black noise
  • Gray noise
  • Low-frequency noise
  • Popcorn (dust) noise
  • Parametric linear congruence noise

Also included with Litter Power are implementations of Interval Mutation and Cross-Synthesis algorithms.

Utilities in the Litter Power Package include Cartesian-to-polar coordinate conversion compatible with both MSP1 and MSP2 and extremely convenient arithmetic operators supporting any number of inlets.

Want to see a complete list of functions? Go here.
As Adobe PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Litter Bundle for Jitter Objects

LBJ brings Litter-strength noise and statistical analysis to Jitter.

High-quality uncorelated white noise
Band-limited noise (specify min and max values)
Gaussian noise, independent mean and standard deviation for each plane
Poisson noise, emulating physical cameras. Independent mean for each plane
lbj.expo and lbj.abbie
Exponential and beta distributions
Like lp.stacey, calculates min, max, mean, standard deviation, skew, and kurtosis
lbj.bixpack and lbj.bixunpack
Light-weight video streaming, see below...

Light-weight video streaming is now available for Jitter under both Windows and Mac OS, based on BIXCP technology, also used for the "Medienfassade" developed for the new Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria. This technology is noted for being very fast and robust. The Litter Bundle for Jitter implementation extends the size of images supported to 32,750 pixels.

Want to see a complete list of functions? Go here.
As Adobe PDF, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

    • All Litter software is available through the Kagi Store.
      Licenses are available for single users in the Artistic License and an Institutional License for multi-user workstation in studio and computer-lab settings. The Artistic License also you to use the objects for original software and artwork you wish to sell.
    • Litter licenses can be purchased directly from the author with payment by wire transfer. This is typically the more cost-effective option for individuals located in Germany and institutions inside the EU. Contact me here for details.


  • The Litter Power Starter Pack is free!
    Download now--for Mac OS
    Download now--for Windows
    Some limitations on use apply. Please see the license.


    The Starter Pack is a subset of the more extensive Litter Pro Bundle.

  • You may also find Classic Litter of interest.


Why Buy?

First of all, the commercial versions give you access to the complete range of Litter Power objects, either those specifically for Max/MSP, the Litter Bundle for Jitter Objects, or both with the Litter Kit and Kaboodle.

Furthermore, the commercial products give you these advantages:

  • Licensed for royalty-free commercial use
  • Enhanced support
  • Be the first to know about and use new Litter Power objects and features
  • Automatic participation in Litter Power beta-test programs
  • Access, on request, to Litter Power source code

The Litter Package

Classic Litter (formerly known as "The Litter Package") is the original Litter collection for generating random values. It has been supersceded by the Litter Power Package (above). Classic Litter remains available as a freeware collection of Max Patchers implementing all the random number generators described in Denis Lorrain's seminal article "A Panoply of Stochastic Cannons" as well as a number of additional random number distributions. Classic Litter implements basic random distributions (white noise, Brownian noise, and 1/f noise), and cannons for generating continuous and discrete values according to many well-known distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Gauss, Laplace, Linear, and Exponential, to name a few).

  • On this site
  • The IRCAM FTP site has a version Gary Lee Nelson modified on my behalf using his RanF object. Alas, RanF was never ported to PPC, so the old copy won't run with Max 3.6.x and later. I am pleased to report that IRCAM is now also providing the original version in their FAT/Chance directory.